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  Fiscal Sponsor Directory is a tool created by the San Francisco Study Center to help connect community projects with fiscal sponsors; it is also a forum for fostering understanding of that relationship and its impact on the nonprofit sector.

Over the years, IRS policies, rulings and case determinations, in tandem with the practices of organizations that serve as fiscal sponsors, have defined and shaped this evolving nonprofit niche.

Fiscal sponsorship is an efficient way to introduce helpful social concepts and service strategies into the mainstream. It can increase the number and diversity of community programs and cut waste in the nonprofit world. It can elevate financial management practices throughout the sector. will aid that evolution.

Geoff Link, Executive Director
San Francisco Study Center


The information and facts about the fiscal sponsors contained in this online directory has been self-reported by each fiscal sponsor listed in response to a questionnaire. San Francisco Study Center, which created and maintains the directory, disclaims any responsibility for the listings' accuracy or currency. The self-reported information has not been verified by the staff of San Francisco Study Center, and each profile is updated only as a fiscal sponsor contacts us with new information. The Study Center does not endorse any of the fiscal sponsors, their projects or their work.

The Study Center provides no warranty regarding the services described; visitors, including projects seeking fiscal sponsors, are cautioned to use this information at their own risk

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